Scooter Libby Trial Jury Selection

There is a great resource for those wanting to follow the Libby trial at The site carries feeds from the various Media Bloggers Association bloggers. For those who don’t already know, Robert Cox at the MBA was able to get two seats in the trial for member bloggers. It is unprecedented access for bloggers, especially considering the high profile nature of the trial and the limited number of seats available. Here is an excerpt from one post I found at the site about jury selection, posted by James Joyner at Outside the Beltway.

Judge Reggie Walton has had to readjust his plans for the Scooter Libby trial to deal with a jury pool so overwhelmingly biased against the Bush administration, according to AP’s
Matt Apuzzo. Opening arguments have been pushed back to next Tuesday, even though they were supposed to take place Monday.

Walton set a Monday through Thursday schedule for the trial, freeing him to perform other duties on Fridays. Because voir dire could not be completed yesterday, though-MBA’s Robert Cox reports that only one potential juror got selected yesterday-they are meeting at 3:00 this afternoon to continue the process.

They’re actually running out of jurors in the main pool, because many have been struck for cause. As a result, Apuzzo reports, “Walton needs six more jurors to fill the jury pool but has only a handful available in the original pool. He ordered 10 jurors from an alternate pool to come to court on Monday in case they run out.”

And we haven’t even gone through the peremptory challenges yet. Apuzzo’s colleague Michael Sniffen notes that Libby’s attorneys have twelve and prosecutors have eight. That means they need to get 36 people through the first round to ensure that enough survive the peremptories to leave 12 jurors and 4 alternates.

Update: Tom Maguire and Clarice Feldman have coverage of the trial, as well as history of the case at Just One Minute.

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