Those no-count illegal aliens…

Politically, Massachusetts is in a bit of a fix. With the next census and reapportioning of Congressional seats, they can fully expect to lose one — if not two — members of the House, as the state has been hemorrhaging people for years now. More and more are finding themselves fed up with the high cost (both financially and otherwise) of belonging to the “nanny state” and heading to greener pastures.

But state officials are not taking this loss lying down. No sirree, they’ve figured out a way to offset those lost residents:

They want to count their illegal alien population

Somehow, I don’t think that the Founding Fathers had this in mind when they set up the census. And personally, I think it’s downright morally repugnant to count illegal aliens — who have none of the rights and privileges of citizens and legal residents — when it comes to determining Congressional representation. These people have a government of their own that they can turn to, if they wish. If they wanted to participate in our political process (or even just be recognized by it), they could either return to their homelands or come here legally.

It’s nuts. And worse, it’s exploitative. People on the left say that the right exploits illegal aliens as scapegoats and sources of cheap labor. But the left does their own exploiting, too, and here we see the bluest of the blue states suddenly finding it incredibly convenient to track down and use these illegal aliens in order to preserve their political power.

Both sides do their share of exploiting illegal aliens; it’s just the methods that change.

In their blind rush to save that Congressional seat, the “leaders” of Massachusetts are asking themselves the wrong question. It isn’t “how can we save that seat,” but “why are so many people leaving?” And the answer is simple: because they have mismanaged the state right down the toilet, and more and more people are recognizing that simple fact.

The corollary question is “why are so many illegal aliens coming to Massachusetts?” And that answer is, also, simple: because they know that the state is incredibly friendly to illegals. They are not required to show legal status for state-subsidized housing, for welfare, and the cops are forbidden from even asking about immigration status.

In Massachusetts today, the circumstances are such that citizens and legal aliens are fleeing in droves, while illegal aliens are flocking in to take their place. If this continues unchecked, enough taxpayers will have fled — and replaced by those living “off the grid” — that the state will simply be unable to pay its bills.

Maybe they might come to their senses before then, and figure out a way to turn around the ship of state before it sails right off the waterfall.

And maybe Jerry Springer will be elected president of the United States.

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