An Open Letter to the American Idol Producers and Judges

First let me say that a simple search of the archives here will show I’ve been a fan of the show for years. I’ve often blogged about it even though I took some heat from people who where only here for politics and news.

And I’m a pretty good judge of talent. I picked Carrie Underwood out the group instantly. I also picked Kathryn Mcphee last year. (Who should have won but for the Tayor fad.) While I’m not in the music business, I understand what you are looking for.

But having shown my loyalty to your program, this year you’ve just gone too far. I like a good slow motion train wreck as much as the next guy but criticizing people for their looks and obvious developmental problems is just taking it too far. We all love to see the guy or gal who thinks they are too sexy for his or her own good being humbled. But to pick on people who look as though they are at least partially developmentally disabled is uncalled for.

We all learned in grade school not to pick on these children, they have a tough enough lot in life without you idiots humiliating them in front of 30 million people.

The most egregious part of this year’s freak show is that you have set these people up. They just don’t walk in to see the judges. You people hand pick them. You lie to them in the early rounds and tell them they are being sent thru to the next round based on merit. And they believe you. — In reality you’re only sending along like lambs to slaughter. You’re hand picking these people to subject them to ridicule and humiliation. That’s unconscionable.

As Simon would say, “You’re a bit over the top.”

Dial back the “freak show” and let’s hear from a few contestants who “almost made it.” If you want to turn a talent show into a freak show, OK… but that’s not why this one fan tunes in.

Update: I am apparently not the only one to notice.

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