Mall mauls town, town mauls back

With malls growing larger and larger and larger all the time, sooner or later one of them is just going to swallow a town. (I wonder if the Mall Of America has its own ZIP Code.) That nearly happened in the town of Natick, Massachusetts.

The owners of the Natick Mall are revamping the place. They’re moving it upscale, with condos, restaurants, and snooty shops. None of that really goes with the whole “mall” image, though, so they figured it might be a good move to drop that word and just call the new place “Natick.”

That didn’t sit too well with the residents of Natick who don’t happen to live at the mall, and didn’t like the presumption that the only thing worth mentioning about their home town was the big shopping complex.

I’m not sure why the mall’s owners ever thought that simply appropriating the whole town’s name for their own use was a good idea. But they’ve managed to cheese off a goodly chunk of their neighbors, including those local government officials who will be passing approval on their expansion plans — not one of the wisest moves.

They’ve already invested a bunch of money and effort in their new logo, a stylized “N,” so the new name will most likely start with that letter. In recognition of their first efforts, might I suggest “Nitwits?”

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