The Enemy At Home

Jonathan Garthwaite has an interesting interview with Dinesh D’Souza at Townhall about D’Souza’s new book, The Enemy At Home – The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11, which is about “the connection between the cultural left’s attack on traditional American values and the growing hostility by Muslim extremists towards the United States.”

TH: What does the military war against the terrorists abroad have in common with the cultural war with the left at home? Why is it that we cannot win the war against Islamic radicalism without first defeating the cultural left?

DSOUZA: Consider the war in Iraq. This war is tough going in Iraq. But it is even tougher going in America. The war is being lost not on the streets of Baghdad but right here in America. It is the cultural left that is doing Bin Laden’s work for him. There is no way that Bin Laden could persuade America to give up on the war on terror and get out of Iraq and the Middle East. Fortunately for Bin Laden he has a whole political movement in the United States that is dedicated to exactly this objective. So how can Bush expect to win over there when he is losing over here? In Vietnam the military won the Tet Offensive, but here in America it was portrayed in the media as a humiliating defeat. In fact, Tet became a symbol of American failure. So Bush had better wake up to the fact that he is facing two enemies, an enemy abroad and an enemy at home.

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