The Real Jack Bauer

Well, as usual once “24” starts running, there’s the oh so predictable rush to claim connection to it. Dean Barnett, purely on ego, claims that Hugh Hewitt is the “Jack Bauer of the Blogosphere”, while a hack writer at TIME tries to claim that Jack Bauer has evolved into a compromise-making, mistake-making guy who does the best he can while rejecting “Bushian moral absolutes“.

Obviously, the TIME hack has not watched the show very closely, if he thinks Bauer’s morals are not absolute. And Dean Barnett is painfully remiss in his claim, as he clearly failed to note the results of an election on that very question last year.

The Emperor will not be pleased.

Anyway, it’s been another year, and so now would be a good time to ask the audience again, whom they think is the real Jack Bauer of the Blogosphere, 2007. Please explain what Jack Bauer means to you, and why there’s no time and the CTU computers are so easy to hack.

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