Barack Obama Files Papers to Form Exploratory Committee

Will voters really trust America’s safety and security in the age of terror to a man who’s only been in the Senate for two years? Obama seems to think so.

Obama, who has leapt from the Illinois General Assembly to national stardom with dizzying speed, on Tuesday established a presidential exploratory committee that will further lay the groundwork for a White House campaign that is widely viewed as a certainty.

Obama said that he will declare his intentions Feb. 10 in Illinois amid speculation that he will choose Springfield in part because of the symbolism of announcing in the venue where his political career began two days before Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

In a video on his Web site,, Obama said that he had been persuaded in his travels that Americans hunger for a different brand of politics. He said he would continue his discussions before making a final decision.

“I certainly didn’t expect to find myself in this position a year ago,” said Obama, 45, a state senator in Illinois less than three years ago.

Barack Obama looks good. He’s articulate and says what people want to hear. We’ll see how well the Democrats’ savior does. My take: he is peaking too soon, and in time, his lack of executive experience will begin to show itself. I’m interested to see how the Clintons will handle the competition for Democrat front runner status.

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