Jack is Back — Season 6 Premiere Continued

Last night we saw a new Jack Bauer, scarred by the two years he spent in a Chinese prison, traded back to the United States in order to be used as a negotiating chip with a terrorist leader. I really hate those plots where negotiation with terrorists is declared the only option. The good news, though, is that Jack showed them that there was not only another option, but a better one.

We also saw internal administration disagreement over civil liberties, Jack use a Mike Tyson-like vampire move to escape, and on a lighter note, Chloe’s new hair style. Tonight’s episode promises plenty more action beginning at 8 p.m. EST. Comments, and debate, are encouraged.

Update 7:45 p.m. EST: I forgot to remind those in later time zones to be aware that the comments section will contain spoilers as soon as the show begins in 15 minutes. You have been warned. Consider this your shot in the thigh. (For those not familiar with the “shot in the thigh” reference, Jack often shoots in the thigh those who either have not yet been convinced to tell everything they know, or who need to be stopped, but don’t quite deserve killing. This is a running joke at Dave Barry’s blog, as is the reference to the “First Cleavage”, referring to the former First Lady, who has not yet appeared this season.)

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