Hannity and the Homeless

I have yet to see Sean Hannity’s Sunday show, Hannity’s America, in its entirety, but I caught a bit of the end of it last night. The part I saw consisted of a cardboard cutout Hannity being placed in Harvard Square and passersby telling Cardboard Hannity what they thought of him. Being that Cardboard Hannity was in an overwhelmingly liberal location, he got much more animosity than love. My favorite comment was made by a woman who told Cardboard Hannity that he looked worse than a homeless person. She must have almost immediately come to her liberal senses, because she followed that comment by saying that there was nothing wrong with homeless people or that it was not meant as a comment against homeless people. She sealed it by saying homeless people “are awesome.” There are times that I resent being stereotyped as a cold, uncaring, person who is not concerned about the poor and less fortunate because I am a conservative. I guess it could be worse though. At least I am not going around saying homeless people are awesome.

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