The wait is almost over

[Update: Since this post has already been linked by several other bloggers who are following the 24 premiere, I am not going to start a separate open thread for anyone who wants to comment during the show, but instead will bump this post up a bit. Consider this your 24 open thread. For those who want to complain about blog space taken up with a television show, then skip these posts. Really, just skip them and spare the rest of us your whining. Sorry to get a little snippy there, but I think I am already beginning to channel Chloe. Just be glad I am not channeling Jack or I might start threatening to shoot people in the thigh. Enjoy the show and post your comments below. Beware to those in later time zones that some comments posted may be spoilers.]

Some have already watched episodes they got online, but the rest of us have waited and will finally see the return of Jack Bauer tonight on Fox at 8 p.m. EST. The season premiere will continue for two additional hours tomorrow night.

After the show, Steve should have some new 24isms to post. Here are a few from last season.

Update II: Laura Lee Donoho reminds us what is really important to remember — like the premiere of 24.

Please read Rick Moran’s preview “Descent Into Hell.” It is excellent. Rick will be posting on each episode after it appears. This year he is adding “Chloeisms” to his coverage. Now that should be fun.

Update III: Ian has a “24” thread up at Hot Air.

Update IV: Jay at Stop the ACLU is commenting on Drudge saying that “24” might go nuclear. Sorry, but what is the big deal about nuclear? They have already killed thousands, including Edgar’s mom, from attacks on nuclear reactors. They have not yet detonated a nuclear bomb (that I can recall), but they have killed thousands with nuclear fallout. Wait. They did detonate a nuclear bomb over the desert. I forgot about that one. They killed someone is season one from radioactive poisoning, too.

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