Handcuffing the police

Well, it’s official: Massachusetts State Police will not be allowed to enforce all the laws, only those the Governor sees fit to have them enforce.

The program seemed like a good one: since federal immigration officials are so overworked, why not allow specially-trained police officers, such as state troopers, to enforce the immigration laws as well? Several states are already doing it, and without any problems I’ve heard about. Massachusetts’ former governor, Mitt Romney, bought into the idea and arranged for a group of Mass. Staties to undergo the training.

But the new governor, Deval Patrick, doesn’t like the idea. he thinks that the state police should be focusing on enforcing state laws (not including the never-invoked Bartley-Fox gun law, or the one saying that out-of-staters can’t get married in Massachusetts if that marriage would be illegal in their own home state), and leave immigration laws up to the federal officials who have done such a bang-up job rounding up illegal aliens (12 million and counting) thus far.

Remember, this is Massachusetts, where the Democrats hold 100% of the power: the governor, both Senate seats, all 10 House seats, ,and over 85% of both houses of the legislature. And to them, if a law is a bad thing, you don’t repeal it. You simply ignore it, redefine it to suit your purposes, or insist that it’s someone else’s responsibility to deal with it.

Actually changing the law is too much work. And if the people themselves try to change the law, then they need to be stopped by any means available.

I am SO glad I now live a good hour or more from the Massholes. But I figure that sooner or later the Vermonsters will start getting on my nerves, too…

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