The Democrats' Message to the Troops

Macranger on the message Democrats are sending the U.S. military:

We of the newly entroned and coronated Democratic Party are writing to officially tell you that we can no longer support your sacrifice, or allow you to vindicate the honor of your fallen comrades by allowing you to win this war. We know that your moral is up and that by and large to a solider you have no problem serving or believing you can win and that retreat isn’t even your vocabulary, we morn your blindness. But we know better than you and because we suckered the American public into believing we could actually run a country (like Ted Kennedy runs his love life), well we’re working to end the whole thing and bring you home and spit on you just like we did in Iraq War I or as we affectionately refer to as, “Vietnam”.

So we want you to know that as we commence to harrass the President, hold endless hearings and continually leak classified information that directly puts your ass on the line, if you don’t like it, well, you can go sit on your rife knife or whatever you call that thingamajigy thing you have on the end those guns.

In the meantime, Kiss our Ass, we won, we won!!
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