Four Days and Counting ‘Til Jack is Back

I watched the Larry King show featuring the “24” cast last night and loved the fact that Ricky Schroder will be part of the cast this year. I hope he realizes that he could be killed off at any time, though. The only character guaranteed to return each season is Jack Bauer. I think they would be insane to ever kill Chloe off, too. Mary Lynn Rajskub is hilarious, both on and off the show. Any hardcore “24” fan will, no doubt, know which character would easily be voted the favorite to bite the dust. (I will give one hint, and one hint only — cougar.)

Actually, Keifer Sutherland was asked by Larry King if “24” could survive the death of Jack Bauer, and he said absolutely. I think the only way the show could survive that would be to replace him with another Jack Bauer-like character. After all, if the James Bond movie series could survive the loss of Sean Connery and Roger Moore, then I guess “24” could survive it, but I can’t imagine Sutherland wanting to leave for a while yet.

Also on the Larry King show, the actor playing one of the bad guys this year told the story of his father being the victim of a real life terrorist attack. It was a pretty amazing story with a somewhat controversial ending. The actor said that he hated the PLO for the attack which almost took his father’s life, but then his father told him that he understood the plight of the Palestinians. See, there is something even for liberals to like in “24.”

Ian, one of my favorite fellow “24” addicts, tipped me to the “24 Wiki.” Don’t worry — it is spoiler free.

Update: Ian has video of the “24” terrorist talking about his father.

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