About Tonight's Speech

Stop the ACLU has compiled a list of links to read prior to tonight’s Presidential address. I spent almost two hours writing a post of my own about what I would like to hear tonight, but the computer ate it and I was too frustrated to try to recreate the entire thing. One point I will make briefly here, though, is what I want to hear about what our troops have accomplished in Iraq.

We frequently hear even major opponents of the war say they “support the troops.” What we rarely ever hear, though, is much about what the troops have actually done in Iraq. We hear sympathy for how they have been persecuted — kids sent to fight an unjust war to stroke the ego of a dunce President who thought he would invade Iraq to line the pockets of his rich oil friends when all they wanted to do was escape the John Edwards’ poverty pit that is America and get a free education. I hope to hear some specifics about not only how many schools we have rebuilt in Iraq, but how many bad guys we have killed and how many terrorist plots have been disrupted, and how much has been done to set the stage for a functioning democracy to emerge in the heart of the Middle East.

Update: I just participated in a blogger conference call with Tony Snow and asked if the President will be talking about some of the accomplishments that have been acheived in Iraq. Tony said he will not be doing much of that tonight, but will be making statements in the coming weeks about some of the accomplishments that have not been getting much media coverage.

Update II: I apologize for not giving more details about the conference call, but I missed the last part of the call because I had to leave to take my daughter to a class. (I wrote the update above before the call was actually over, just before I had to leave.) When I logged on after returning home to do a summary, I found that Kim had already done an excellent one. It appears just above this post so check it out if you have not already. The information we received included quite a few details, including some things I had not heard before today.

Be sure to read Bruce Kesler’s checklist for the speech.

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