Pelosi Watch

Few are as good at pointing out hypocrisy as Tammy Bruce is and she has a “must read” post on Nancy Pelosi which “exposes her hypocrisy on issues of war and safety for this nation.”

While she voted in support of Bill Clinton’s adventure in bombing the bejesus out of the former Yugoslavia (to save Muslims, mind you) she voted against the war in Iraq in 2002. Here’s a small sample of her positions:

# Voted NO on approving removal of Saddam & valiant service of US troops. (Mar 2004)
# Voted NO on authorizing military force in Iraq. (Oct 2002)
# Condemns anti-Muslim bigotry in name of anti-terrorism. (Oct 2001)
# Wage war on Terrorism, not on fellow Americans. (Sep 2001)
# Voted NO on disallowing the invasion of Kosovo. (May 1999)

Clearly, this is not a woman who votes based on what’s right. She votes based on what Republicans do not want. Taking that cynical stance means Pelosi is a person who does not vote based on what’s right for this country, but instead on what her party wants, which translates to what’s best for her own power. Contrast that with Joe Lieberman’s principled stands. But don’t you dare forget–she’s just a kindly Granny who wants to do what’s best for kids. Read the entire post, as well as Curt’s post at Flopping Aces about the media treatment “Carebear Pelosi” receives.

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