What a difference a border makes

Every now and then, I stumble across a story or two that just perfectly encapsulates the differences between my beloved home of New Hampshire and that fetid cesspool of a commonwealth, Massachusetts. And today is just one of those days.

Crime and punishment in New England:

In New Hampshire, the citizen’s final line of defense is himself or herself. When confronted by attackers, we stand up for ourselves — and the police don’t punish us for it after the fact. Whether it’s a burglar in our own home or a robber in our place of business, we take care of ourselves. We know the government is supposed to do it for us, but we don’t depend on them solely.

In Massachusetts, it’s a different story. The solution to all problems: more laws, more money, anything but allow the citizens to take care of themselves — because if they start realizing that they don’t need the government to take care of their every single little want or need, they might actually start rebelling against the nanny statists who live off the public’s largesse. So, when violent crime starts rising in Boston, the solutions that come to mind are more high-tech toys and tougher anti-gun laws — never mind the notion that simply hiring more cops to meet the legally-mandated minimum or actually enforcing existing laws might do the trick.

For example, in 1975, Massachusetts passed the Bartley-Fox Law, mandating a one-year jail sentence for anyone carrying a gun while committing a crime. It’s a damned good law, still on the books 30 years later, and it’s almost NEVER enforced.

Bruce, chum, you made it out in the nick of time.

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