Oh Give Us a Break…. Now Killer Bees are in New Orleans?!?!

First the Corps of Engineers destroyed 85% of the city. (with an assist going to Katrina in the box score) Then we had The Fires… Then came the Tornadoes ripping up things all over town…

Now we get Killer Bees? KILLER BEES?!?!? Give me a freaking break….

Tests confirm killer bees found in St. Bernard Parish

ARABI — Testing from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry revealed a swarm of Africanized bees–more commonly known as “killer bees”–were discovered inside a St. Bernard home in October 2006, Department Commissioner Bob Odum said Friday.

This is the farthest east Africanized bees have been found in Louisiana, Odom said.

The house in question was located in the 2200 block of Esteban Street in Arabi, Odom said. The contractor hired to knock the home down noticed a high population of aggressive bees living in the structure and contacted a local beekeeper.

After discovering the severity of the problem, the beekeeper notified local mosquito control officials, who treated the area and collected samples to be sent off to the Department of Agriculture and Forestry for positive ID, Odom said.

Many of you might remember stories from Chalmette, La during Katrina. It abuts New Orleans on the SE corner. That’s St. Bernard Parish. To give you an idea the amount of damage to that parish, (county) over 3 months after the storm, there was not one single building in the parish that local officials considered habitable for overnight stays.

Now with hundreds of thousands of abandoned, ruined structures it’s no wonder Africanized bees are moving in. There’s nobody to stop them but the demolition crews.

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