More Strangeness at the Port of Miami

The bomb squad was called in to the Port of Miami again today because, according to the port public information officer, something tested positive C-4 explosives in preliminary tests.

Here’s the report from

(CBS4) MIAMI One day after a case of miscommunication turned into a security scare at the Port of Miami, now there’s another situation unfolding that involves possible explosives found at the busy Port.

According to Port of Miami spokeswoman, Andria Muniz-Amador, a cargo pallet has been discovered and may contain a large amount of C-4 explosives.

If anything comes of this, I will post it as soon as I can.

Update: The content of the pallet was harmless, sprinkler parts, but it tested positive for C-4 explosives a total of six times:

The package was destroyed, and a Miami-Dade County police bomb squad determined it held sprinkler parts, which contained a substance that “closely resembles” plastic explosives, said police spokesman Bobby Williams.

Williams said the instruments used to test the package sometimes give false positives.

“We still need to check it out,” Williams said.

Yes they do.

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