Less Than A Week ‘Til Jack Is Back

I started watching the Fox series “24” from the first episode of the first season and have followed the show religiously ever since. I received several emails from new fans who started watching the series after reading my weekly “24” posts and wondered whether or not I would continue the posts this season. I absolutely will and offer this post as a place for anyone wanting to comment on the upcoming season to have at it. Some fodder for those who like to engage in wild fantasy theories — I am still holding out hope that Tony Almeida isn’t dead.

The season premiere will kick off next Sunday night, January 14 with a two-hour special, with two additional hours next Monday night. You can catch up on previous seasons by watching the DVDs, or get a quick recap at the “24” website with character and episode guides. Blogs 4 Bauer has some of the latest gossip and discussion, including some talk of Jack Bauer and a unicorn. Probably my favorite “24” blog is by Dave Barry, who explains the reason all those perfect phone connections, downloads and other technical miracles that occur on “24” are completely realistic. Only six days to go…

Update: I am not alone in my Almeida fantasy scenario.

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