USC Kicker Found Dead at the Bottom of a Cliff

Was it foul play?

Police are investigating the death of University of Southern California kicker Mario Danelo, whose body was found about 120 feet down a rocky cliff near Point Fermin lighthouse in the city’s San Pedro section.

The body was reported by a passer-by at about 4:30 p.m. and showed signs of traumatic injures, said Martha Garcia of the Los Angeles Police Department.

“I have no indication per se that it was a criminal event,” Lt. David Pierson, commanding officer of the LAPD Harbor Division detectives, told the Los Angeles Times. “But we exhaust all leads to ensure that we’re making the right categorization of the case.”

Pierson said investigators had information that Danelo was out with friends Friday night and that he was last seen around midnight. He said police had no information as to whether Danelo had been drinking.

Pierson said so far there was nothing to indicate it was a suicide.

Someone flying a remote-control airplane in Point Fermin Park noticed something at the bottom of the cliff and a friend traversed a trail down to the beach and discovered the body, Pierson said.

Maybe there wasn’t any foul play involved:

Humphrey said over the years a handful of people had fallen from the cliff.

“It’s entirely possible that he fell,” Humphrey said.

Atop the cliff are signs forbidding entrance. They warn of unstable, slippery surfaces and steep drops. A bouquet of flowers and candles were left at the scene by onlookers late Saturday.

How awful.

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