Democrats Trying to Permanently Ban All Domestic Oil Drilling in ANWR

And at a time when we are struggling to deal with an increase in gasoline prices. From the BBC:

Legislation has been tabled in the United States aimed at making a ban on oil drilling at a wildlife refuge in Alaska permanent.

Wildlife campaigners are hoping the new Democrat-led Congress will adopt such a move, which has been rejected on several occasions in the past.

The legislation would make about 500,000 hectares of land along Alaska’s Arctic coast a protected wilderness.

It is rich in wildlife but also has more than 10bn barrels of oil.

These people continually put the environment above the needs and safety of the American people. Drilling for oil domestically, which includes in ANWR, is a national security issue. We can not allow our economy to be subject to the manipulations of foreign oil producers. But that’s not what the Dems are concerned about. What they want is for us to be off oil all together.

Jim Hoft has more, including a graphic of the no drilling zones.

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