Ten Worst Quotes from Democratic Underground

John Hawkins at Right Wing News posted his list of the 10 worst quotes from Democratic Underground for 2006. They are all pretty shocking, but for me the stupidest has got to be number 3:


Finally it’s all coming together. Clearly it was Bush who tried to have Reagen wiped out. Given how evil Bush and his family is, it’s really the only logical explanation.

For those of you who doubt this theory ask yourself the following questions.

1. Who would benefit if President Reagan had died?

2. Given their total lack of regard for human life, why would the BFEE refrain from rubbing out Ronnie?

3. Can you prove that Bush didn’t have a hand in the Reagan assassination attempt?…

Read the rest of John’s list. The quotes are quite funny, but in a pathetic and scary sort of way.

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