Islamist says Britain Should Integrate to Muslim Values

Safraz Manzoor writes in an editorial in the Guardian that Muslims shouldn’t integrate into British values, but instead, Britain should integrate into Muslim values. As you can imagine, I disagree completely. I was completely put off by Sarfraz Manzoor’s piece for a number of reasons. Take a look:

Think of the words “Muslim community” and what do you see? A succession of veiled women walking silently behind their husbands? Bearded men gesticulating outside mosques? But there is another version of the Muslim community.

That version of the Muslim community alone, which you don’t deny by the way, is enough for me to say not a chance, bub.

It is easy to dismiss Muslim parents as old-fashioned and traditional, but when the rest of the country is busy wondering how to respond to a culture of rampant disrespect, it is worth considering whether they could learn from Muslim values. Muslim children are more likely to be brought up in two-parent families rather than the single-parent households that are increasingly common in Britain.

So, Safraz, can I assume then that Muslims blowing up other Muslims in Iraq is a form of respect you condone? How about Iran hanging a young girl for killing a man who tried to rape her. Is that an example of Muslim values of respect that you can sign onto? Yes, more non-Muslim British children may grow up in single parent homes in Britain than British Muslim children, but those same non-Muslim children are not being taught that Jihad, or Holy War, is good and noble and that honor killings are acceptable.

Muslim parents also tend to be less interested in child-centred parenting and more into parent-centred parenting. For example, when I was growing up there was no possibility of answering back to my parents, and this was accompanied by an all-pervasive fear of letting them down. This was a model of parenting that put great faith in deference and, while at the time it felt regressive, it was also what kept my generation in check.

It is in these same environments where children are not allowed to speak their minds to their parents that grown women are not allowed to speak their minds to their husbands. Instead they must obey and walk silently, covered from head to toe in veils, behind them. And again note that in the first paragraph that I quoted, Safraz doesn’t deny this fact.

This description of Muslim values sounds about as appealing as having my fingernails ripped out.

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