More on Nancy Pelosi’s Promise to Clean up the House

Today’s Vent with Michelle Malkin is must see TV. Her subject is Corruptocrat John Conyers and most recent his ethical violations.

Here’s the House Ethics statement on Conyers, which was released over the holidays in order to minimize its media publicity.

Check out the NY Post’s article published just today on the details of John Conyer’s violations:

According to published reports, Conyers used several staffers as his personal servants – requiring them to babysit and tutor his children, chauffeur him to personal events, help his wife with her law-school classes, work on his campaigns and pay restaurant and motel bills.

One staffer was even ordered to move into Conyers’ home for six weeks and serve as a live-in nanny to his kids.

Sound familiar? It should.

New York’s state comptroller, Alan Hevesi, just lost his job and pleaded guilty to a felony for doing a lot less with taxpayer-funded employees.

But John Conyers isn’t losing anything.

Not the chairmanship of the judiciary committee, which Pelosi reiterated last Friday would go to the Michigan congressman despite his transgressions.

Nor is he facing any other kind of sanction from the House.

In fact, he didn’t even really admit any wrongdoing – just a “lack of clarity” in explaining to his staffers what they are and aren’t required to do.

Whatever that means.

Sure, Nancy. I believe you when you say this will be “the most honest, most open, most ethical Congress in history.”


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