Fairy tales can come true…

Well, yesterday in Massachusetts, a miracle happened. The legislature met in Constitutional Convention, the issue of a voter petition banning gay marriage came up, the Constitution required them to vote on it…

and they did.

According to the state’s Constitution, if enough people sign a petition for a Constitutional amendment, it has to go to the joint legislature for approval. If more than three-quarters of them vote to kill it, it dies. But if only one-quarter of the legislators say it should pass, then it goes on to the next step.

Lawmakers had found a way around that. They could simply not vote.

Right up to the last minute, it looked like the legislature was going to disregard the entreaties of the outgoing governor and the state’s highest court, both of whom called on them to fulfill their duties and vote on the issue. But the court said that there was absolutely no way to compel the legislature to actually obey the Constitution, and if they chose to ignore their duties, so be it.

So, yesterday they actually did the impossible and voted. 62 in favor of the measure, 134 against it. Which means the Amendment to ban gay marriage has survived another hurdle.

I’d like to see it defeated — but only by the voters themselves, in a statewide referendum. While I support gay marriage, I do NOT believe in the wholesale trashing of the state Constitution and the people’s rights to vote in order to achieve it.

Gay marriage supporters repeatedly say that the vast majority of the people of Massachusetts support it. Let’s see if that’s right, and if they can muster 51% at the ballots.

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