Is Jamil Hussein Busy Celebrating Christmas?

I have not been following the Jamil Hussein case as closely as I should have so if I’m repeating someone, my apologies, but there is one point notably absent from the Jamil Hussein scandal coverage….

Why did AP stop using him as a source?

If you look at the infamous 61 stories wherein the AP used Jamil Hussein as a source, you see the following pattern of attributions:

April: 6 Attributions

May: 16 Attributions

June: 14 Attributions

July: 4 Attributions

August: 4 Attributions

September: 5 Attributions

October: 1 Attributions

November: 8 Attributions

December: ZERO Attributions.

Jan 2007: ZERO attributions (to date.)

In the 8 months AP has been using Jamil Hussein as a source, they have never gone a month without him. Only during the pre-election run up did they go to him less than once per week. (on average) Yet suddenly, he disappeared.

It should be noted the last time AP used Jamil Hussein as a source was November 26, just hours after Curt started questioning who Jamil Hussein was. Since Curt’s work became noticed in media circles, AP has never again used him as a source.

It seems curious.

But then again, maybe not.

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