Video of Saddam Hussein’s Execution

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Someone who was at Saddam’s execution videotaped it with his cell phone, so my prediction that his actual execution would end up on the internet was spot on. But, then again, it was kind of hard to be wrong on that one. Drudge already linked to it, so I guess it’s fair game now. Please be warned this is graphic. I understand that some people won’t like that I linked to this, and if you are uncomfortable with it, please don’t watch it.

His life, during which he viciously tortured, maimed, and murdered so many people, couldn’t have ended in a more appropriate way.

Click below if you want to see it.



That didn’t take long.

Be aware that I have not seen this video all the way to the end; therefore, I don’t know how graphic it is. Please watch it with this in mind. Unfortunately, the internet connection where I am right now is only a dial up and a slow one at that. Downloading and watching the video myself would take a very long time, and I wanted to get it to Wizbang readers as soon as possible. If this video is the same one that was on Fox News and is currently circulating throughout the internet, then, from what I understand, it cuts away right before Saddam drops through the trap door. If you are uncomfortable with my posting this video, then by all means, don’t watch it.

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