Signing off, or “see you next year!”

OK, tomorrow is the big move day, and I HAVE to get working on that. This is the last piece I intend to write from Manchester.

Tomorrow, I have two pieces already “in the can” that should publish themselves at 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. that are utterly unrelated to politics, or quite frankly anything else I’ve ever written. They’re a peek into what bounces around in the back of my brain most of the time, and if my previous discussions about my obsession with warships and warship design didn’t convince people that, at heart, I’m a hopeless geek, then my ventures into esoteric math certainly ought to.

My cable and internet is scheduled to be installed Tuesday morning, so I should have at least a “hey, I’m back!” announcement up some time then.

Happy New Year!
Proud to be "100% wrong"