Wizbang Blue: Revisiting Haditha

[Note: This entry is the third of several planned entries this week from liberal, progressive, Democratic, etc. members of the Wizbang comment community and readership in response to a call for entries last week. The reasoning behind the experiment is explained in the call for entries posts. Posts titles will be proceeded with the text, “Wizbang Blue:” to highlight that they are not posts from current Wizbang authors.

By: jp2

Perhaps it’s time to revisit Wizbang’s “reporting” on Haditha. They were 100% wrong on everything.

It was suggested on this site that the Haditha massacre was a “hoax” and that the Marines “followed rules of engagement,” that a secret videotape “exonerated” the Marines, that the deaths were caused by a “firefight,” that the murdered victims died because they “hid behind insurgents,” that the evidence showed that the Marines “were not on a rampage,” and that there was no “cold blooded murder.”

Writers on this site called Murtha (who was 100% right) a “back stabber,” “bomb thrower,” a “slanderer,” “irresponsible,” “outrageous,” a “knuckle head,” and a “bloviating buffoon.”

Writers on this site stated that lefty websites (who were 100% right) were “jumping the gun,” “sloppy thinkers,” and that “lefties” “won’t leave our troops alone.”

And that the NYT were “dung beetles” for pushing a story about war crimes, and that the story sounded like “a CBS Bush memo.”

This tells you everything you need to know about the writers at Wizbang, who have (not surprisingly) not written anything about Haditha now that their complete wrongness is official. It’s not embarrassment or shame – we know that those feelings cannot exist here. But it is awful, awful “work.”


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