Islamists Are Run Out of Mogadishu Without So Much as a Shot

The Islamic movement in Somalia is collapsing:

Somali government troops backed by Ethiopian forces rolled into Mogadishu without firing a shot Thursday, a striking gain in its bid to recapture the country from an Islamic movement that had once seemed nearly invincible.

Hours earlier, the Islamic militants fled Mogadishu, pledging to make a last stand in southern Somalia.

“We are in Mogadishu,” Prime Minister Mohamed Ali Gedi said after flying from the government’s temporary base in western Somalia and meeting with local clan leaders to discuss the handover of the city. “We are coordinating our forces to take control of Mogadishu.”

The Islamic movement took control of Mogadishu six months ago and then advanced across most of southern Somalia, often without fighting. Ethiopian troops then went on the attack in support of the U.N.-backed government last week in attempt to push the Islamists out of power.

This is very good news for the global war on terror. But the Islamists aren’t going down without a fight. Bill Roggio reports that the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) is organizing an insurgency to strike back:

The Islamic Courts are signaling they will conduct an insurgency. The call for its fighters to blend into the population with their AK-47s is one sign. ICU leaders are giving all of the indications an insurgency is in the works. “Our snakes of defense were let loose, now they are ready to bite the enemy everywhere in Somalia,” said Sheik Mohamoud Ibrahim Suley. “We will fight Ethiopia for a very long time, and we expect the war to reach everywhere,” according to an ICU statement. Even the resignation of the ICU leaders in Mogadishu indicated the ICU still wants to enforce sharia and calls for its fighters to “secure the stability and get ready in the police stations and other security stations.”

The ICU is going to employ the same tactics that are being used in Iraq, including sneaking its own forces into the new TFG government in an effort to sabotage it.

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