“Free” electricity is too expensive for one guy

In North Attleboro, Massachusetts, Chris Zagami is an unhappy man. He just finished building his new house, and discovered an unexpected side benefit: free electricity from his local utility. He didn’t have to do a thing to get it, not even plug things in. Because his house was built so close to some very high voltage lines, he’s having lights light up without even being plugged in.

It’s an ugly situation. The city building inspector who approved his house no longer works for the city. National Grid says that he built too close to their easement, which he knew about going in. He says that their lines go beyond the easement, and intrude on his space. And the bank who loaned Zagami the money to build his house is threatening to call in the loan. I dunno how it’s going to resolve itself, but it ought to be interesting.

In the meantime, pretty much every metal object in his house zaps anyone who touches it.

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