Calling All Liberals

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is a notoriously dead week in the blogosphere.

Given that, I would like to try an experiment. I’d like to invite our prominent lefty commenters – you know the ones who are so critical of the Wizbang writers all the time – to to submit blog posts for publication.

The plan is to publish pieces by these folks next week (in a addition to regular content) to see how those folks would do when they’re the authors and the rest of the Wizbang readership are the critics. Certainly there’s no shortage of topics to cover, what with Nancy and Harry’s coronation upcoming, the ISG report, etc.

I’ve got no idea how the experiment will pan out, but it I’m fairly certain it will be interesting.

Initially I’d planned to contact folks such as Mantis, Barney, Brian, and others, privately via e-mail. My plan was thwarted when I found out that many of them had non-functional e-mail address listed. That made it impossible to pre-plan this little experiment, and sort of forced me to first announce it publicly in hopes of reaching them via the blog.

So if you’re one of our regular commenters or readers (or even lurkers) who just so happens to be liberal, progressive, etc., and you have something to say, send your post to me, or contact me in advance via e-mail. My e-mail address is pretty easy to figure out, so I’m not going to spell it out for more spammers to find; it’s my first name at the domain name.

Update: Keep those submissions coming. We’ll kickoff with the first of the posts on Tuesday.

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