Updated: White House Press Conference Today

It’s at 10:00am and President Bush will talk about expanding the size of the military.

Update: Here’s a summary of President Bush’s statement:

  • Secretary Gates will bring a fresh perspective.
  • Top priority is that our military has everything they need.
  • This war on terror requires a sustained commitment from the American people and military.
  • Our military needs a increase in permanent size of the US Army and Marines in order to meet this commitment in the war on terror.
  • Secretary Gates has been charged with coming up with a plan on how to increase the size.
  • 2006 was a difficult year for American people and the Iraqis. The enemies of freedom and democracy worked hard to stop our efforts by undermining stability and security.
  • Our goal remains a free and democratic Iraq that can govern, sustain, and defend itself that is also an ally in the war on terror.
  • Bush Admin will work with Reps and Dems for a new way forward in Iraq.

For me, this was the best quote:

We must never lose sight of the fact that on the receiving end of the decisions I make is a private, a sergeant, a young lieutenant, or a diplomat who risks his or her life to help the Iraqis realize a dream of a stable country that can defend, govern, and sustain itself.

The advance of liberty is never easy and Iraq is proving how tough it can be. Yet the safety and security of our citizens requires that we do not let up.

President Bush then talked about the economy and keeping it growing and encouraged the American people to go shopping more.

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