First Lady Laura Bush Has Skin Cancer Removed

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said she’s doing fine, but that wasn’t what the White House Press Corps was concerned about. Rather, they are raising a stink about the fact that she didn’t disclose this earlier.

When a First Lady has a cancer scare should everybody hear about it?
The answer from the White House today is, “not necessarily.”

At his morning briefing ,Tony Snow took heat from the assembled press complaining that the White House was not exactly forthcoming about Mrs. Bush’s operation in early November, in which doctors removed a skin cancer tumor from her right shin. The First Lady’s office did not disclose it until Monday night.


Asked about the late disclosure this morning Mr. Snow said that, A) it was not a very big deal operation, and B) “She’s not a public official, she’s the wife of the president.”

Reporters shouted out that she happens to be a very public figure with her own taxpayer-paid office and staff at the White House. And that she had been out on the campaign trail quite a lot.

But also, Mr. Snow said, “she’s fine.” So there.

I’m glad she was on top of this and dealt with it.

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