AP Sources

What do you suppose would be worse? If the AP source for the “burning six” story, Captain Jamil Hussein, turned out to be imaginary, or if he turned out to be a terrorist? Bob Owens discusses the possibility.

If it turns out that this Hussein is the man claiming to be Captain Hussein, and his tied to Uday and the Baathists can be substantiated, then we’ve got something juicy brewing.

The association of Muslim Scholars is widely viewed as a terrorist-friendly Sunni group with ties to the insurgency and al Qaeda, and the AP uncritically and unquestioningly cited them in this story without an apparent second thought.

If it can be substantiated that the Sgt. Hussein uncovered by Danziger’s work is AP’s “Captain Jamil Hussein” source, and that it can be substantiated that he has ties to Uday, or more specifically has ties with the Fedayeen Saddam, then we will have reason to wonder how much of AP’s reporting has been infiltrated in such a way as to promote a pro-Sunni insurgency agenda. Update: Curt has an excellent post at Flopping Aces which provides all the most recent developments in the search for Jamil Hussein along with a roundup of great commentary and a comprehensive primer on the history of this story.

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