I’d like to thank all the little people who made this possible, but I can’t remember your names

With Time Magazine’s naming of “us” as person of the year, highlighting the individual person’s ability (when factored by the power of the internet, mainly) to influence the events of the world, I find myself reminded of something I heard years and years ago.

It was a standup comic (I think George Carlin) who was using national magazines to highlight how increasingly narcissistic Americans are becoming.

First there was Time and Life. Two very big concepts that we can all appreciate.

Then came People. Still big picture, but a bit more focused on individuals.

Then came Us. That really boiled it down.

Eventually, the comedian opined, there would be a magazine simply called “You.” It would be devoted to your latest adventures, or new style or look, gossip about you, your opinions, anything that we find interesting in others.

Between blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and a host of other phenomena, that day has arrived. And Time is simply fulfilling that prophesy — one that I laughed about years and years ago.

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