Why the GOP Lost in 2006

John Hawkins, guest blogging at Tom Delay’s site, offers his take on why the Republican party lost control of both houses of Congress in November. He’s written a great piece that’s spot on and should be read by all Republicans in the House and Senate. A portion:

I’m of the opinion that we lost because the Republicans up on Capitol Hill forgot what I think is the first rule of politics: take care of your base first and then reach out to the middle.

Unfortunately, too many Republicans in Washington ignored what their biggest supporters wanted and instead, seemed to have an attitude that said, “What are they going to do, vote for Democrats?”

Of course, few conservatives are going to vote for a Democratic Senator or Congressman. But, will they contribute money? Will they volunteer to help out campaigns? Will they defend the GOP to their friends and neighbors when they’re under attack? Will they show up to vote at all in November? Will they write nice things about the GOP on their blogs? Unfortunately, far too often in 2006, the answer turned out to be, “No.”

Go read the rest of John’s post here.

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