The Blind Sheikh Seeks Revenge

Omar Abdel-Rahman, the Blind Sheikh, is not doing so well health wise. He began spitting up blood, and after an examination, doctors discovered a tumor on his liver. Fearing a backlash from Muslim extremists should Rahman die, the FBI issued a bulletin warning of possible attacks as revenge.

From ABC’s The Blotter:

The bulletin cited what it said was his last will and testament distributed at an al Qaeda press conference in 1998.

“My Brothers…If they [the Americans] kill me, which they will certainly do – hold my funeral and send my corpse to my family, but do not let my blood be shed in vain. Rather, extract the most violent revenge, and remember your brother who spoke the truth and died for the will of God…The Mujahid Sheikh Omar Abdel al Rahman. In the name of God the kind and merciful.”

If the Americans kill him? His life was spared at the expense of the American taxpayers, the very people he wants dead. Next time he needs any care, I say let him expire.

Allahpundit said it best:

Like I said at the time: “If you kill them, they’re martyrs. If you lock them up, they’re martyrs. So kill them.”

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