Senator Johnson Update

Senator Johnson is in critical condition after undergoing surgery last night.

Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson was in critical condition early Thursday, recovering from emergency surgery overnight, a hospital official said…

There was no formal announcement of the South Dakota senator’s condition. A person in the hospital’s media relations office, who declined to be identified by name pending a formal statement, said George Washington University Hospital was preparing to announce that Johnson’s condition was critical. He would not describe the nature of the surgery.

I feel so bad for his family. For this to happen to begin with is tragic, but for it to happen just weeks before Christmas makes it so much more difficult. I pray that Senator Johnson comes out of this ok.

Update: Drudge is linking to an article that says Senator Johnson suffered from bleeding in the brain. According to Fox News he’s in critical but stable condition. Good.

My grandmother died of a cerebral hemorrhage when she was just 43 years old and it devastated my mom’s family (I never got to meet my grandmother because my parents were still engaged when she died. I didn’t come for another four years. How I wish I could have met her, though. From all accounts, she was amazing.). Mom’s youngest sister, who was only six at the time, was never the same. One of my other aunts had a cerebral hemorrhage as well several years ago. Thank God my uncle reacted quickly by packing bags of ice around her head and then rushing her to the hospital. The doctor said that is probably what saved her life. Although she never required surgery, things were touch and go for a while. She recovered, amazingly, with real no side effects.

I sincerely hope Senator Johnson recovers in the same way.

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