An Interesting Theory on the ISG Report

Rick at Freedom Keys has an interesting theory about the way the President might use that report from the Iraq Surrender Group:

I’ve heard rumors that the President is going to use certain parts of the Iraq Study Group’s report as justification for sending additional troops to Iraq. That would be amusing in the face of all the ridiculous negative headlines the report has been used as a poor excuse for. Has anyone tracked down such rumors or even blogged about it? What if the President said, “Hey, getting neighboring countries involved is a good idea — only I’m referring to TURKEY and JORDAN, who anyone not totally brain-dead knows are NOT charter members of the hostile AXIS OF EVIL (duh …. hellloooooo????). Maybe they’ll even help 6 million Kurds and other Sunnis to move to Iraq, so the voting balance would then be 16 million Shiites, 16 million Sunnis. Perhaps the Saudis could be persuaded to finance such a thing instead of the Sunni insurgents and suicide bombers they pay for now. Gridlock is beautiful; you’re forced to compromise and get along — that is, IF you have a single compromising, getting-along bone in your body.

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