Taking the plunge

Well, I did it.

I signed the formal acceptance letter from my work. In a little over a month, I’ll be working in a brand-new location around Lebanon, New Hampshire. I’m getting a promotion, a significant raise, and a moving allowance. (Also that one-hundred-dollar signing bonus, but I barely count that.) It’ll be a smaller facility, fewer people, but it could be a lot of fun, too.

I’m now telling all the folks I’ve worked with for years that I’m moving on, passing along the tricks, routines, and making sure the professional relationships I’ve cultivated are sustained by those I’m leaving behind. It’s a hell of a thing — I’m leaving a lot of things and people behind (especially my favorite computer store and comic book shop), and some good folks.

But I really don’t have any real roots here in Manchester, and the chance to hit the Magic Reset Button and start fresh is very tempting. So I’m going for it.

Wish me luck, folks, and if anyone knows of any cheap places for rent in the Lebanon area (but NOT in Vermont, thankyouverymuch), drop me a line. I’m not overly tidy, but I am quiet and not much of a troublemaker…

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