New York Post’s Characterization of ISG: Surrender Monkeys


They’re right on and I’m glad they’re not afraid to say it. I also call the ISG the Iraq Surrender Group.

Here’s the Post’s news story. The first paragraph right out of the gate summarizes the uselessness of the report:

WASHINGTON – The Iraq Study Group report delivered to President Bush yesterday contains 79 separate recommendations – but not one that explains how American forces can defeat the terrorist insurgents, only ways to bring the troops home.

Hence the appropriate “Surrender Monkeys” lede.

Ralph Peters, in his NY Post column today titled “Frankly Incensed: Unwise Men Bear Gifts for the Butchers,” also correctly describes the ISG’s report as unacceptable:

THE difference between the child-killers in the Middle East 2,000 years ago and those today is that Herod’s men rode into Bethlehem to preserve a threatened political system, while the terrorists we face in Iraq seek to destroy a government in their god’s name.

The Iraq Study Group doesn’t get it.

Today’s butchers are far more merciless, indiscriminate and dangerous. For Herod’s henchmen, killing was a job. For today’s faith-fueled fanatics, slaughtering the innocents is doing Allah’s will. Our modern magis’ negotiations won’t fix Iraq, no matter what gifts they bring.

Former Secretary of State James Baker and his panelists are trying to shore up the failing regional system that their generation designed. Released yesterday, their report doesn’t offer “a new way forward.” Its recommendations echo past failures. And it shows no sense of how gravely the world has changed.

The report doesn’t offer a plan, but a muddle of truisms and truly bad ideas.

How sad that on the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor we are facing the realization that some of our country’s leaders simply no longer have any faith in our ability to defeat our enemies. Instead they have reverted to the Jimmy Carter school of warfare which states that we aren’t to defeat those who want to destroy us but instead appease them.

And before the rest of you surrender monkeys clamor to the comments section and declare “we can’t defeat an enemy that can’t be identified,” “its just a civil war now,” “it’s another Vietnam,” or “the war is a disaster,” let me say this: not one of those platitudes means we should turn tail and run. If we do that, we may as well put up a neon sign in New York City that says “Come on over, terrorists, and attack us! We won’t fight back. We promise.”

Instead, we need to become as stealthy as our enemies have. We have to completely redefine how we conduct this war, and getting the hell out of Dodge isn’t it, people.

Update: I saw this at Hot Air. The jihadis, our enemy, like the ISG report. Of course they do because, to them, it’s our white flag of surrender.

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