Are the Democrats Holding Secret Meetings with Hamas? Part II

Yesterday, reports said that Democrats were secretly meeting with Hamas. Today, the Dems denied it and the Jerusalem Post, the original source of this report, has removed the paragraphs that made that assertion.

Today, however, YNetNews published a report that also says Democrats met with Hamas and offers more information on the meeting:

The Palestinian news agency Maan, quoting a senior member of the Palestinian government, reported Wednesday that “ministers of the Hamas-led government recently held talks with European countries and with a delegation of the American Democratic Party.

According to the source, in the talks, the European officials showed their understanding for Hamas’ stance.

According to the report, several European countries are already holding talks with Hamas, and the dialogue has succeeded in bringing about a certain change in the European stance toward the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

The Palestinian official said that Hamas representatives held meeting in European countries and even succeeded in convincing the Europeans to accept the movement’s stance.

“Additional meetings will be held in the coming days between Hamas delegations and political officials in Europe and the United States,” he added.

According to the source, the Europeans expressed their willingness to addresses an idea of solving the conflict based on a “long-term hudna (truce),” as suggested by Hamas, instead of the land for peace principle.

If Hamas is telling the truth and Democrats did meet with leaders of the terrorist organization, then Hamas can prove it by disclosing which Democrats. Then this can be investigated and verified.

Jim Hoft reminds us that if this is true, it wouldn’t be the first time that Democrats have met with our enemies.

Bill Faith has a roundup on the topic.

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