Our Brave Soldiers Did Not Die Just To Mitigate Defeat

If all the leaks from the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations are accurate, then they are an insult to all our brave heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq.

Read Rick Moran‘s post. Here’s a portion:

Today is the day that the Iraq Study Group will deliver its not so secret recommendations on how we can best pull out of Iraq without leaving behind a bloody mess, regional chaos, increased Iranian influence, and a helpless, toothless, Iraqi government dominated by theocrats and thugs.

This is our new battle cry; “We must mitigate defeat!”

Stirring, isn’t it? Not quite the ring that “Remember the Alamo” has but then, this is the 21st century and such patriotic and emotional displays are frowned upon by the blue blooded “wise men” of the ISG who have labored long and hard to produce this recipe for American retreat.

The only acceptable outcome is total victory.

Update: Download the report here.

Update II: Check out Stop the ACLU, which has a roundup of blogger reaction.

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