Moving on up

My blogging has been a bit scattershot the last two days. That’s what happens when Real Life rudely interrupts my far-more-important blogging.

I don’t talk much about the Day Job, but I’m going to break that rule now — in a very elliptical way.

My company has decided that they don’t want me to continue doing what I do for them. In fact, they want me to leave.

Because they’re opening a new location about a hundred miles away — and they want me to be one of the three to go there and get it up and running successfully.

They’re playing dirty, too — a $100 signing bonus, $3K in moving expenses, AND a 10% raise.

It means relocating from a spot 25 miles southwest of home to one 75 miles northeast, so moving is a distinct likelihood.

Today I took a road trip to the new location — and it is VERY tempting. It’s only a few miles from where I spent my first decade or so, it’s right near a bunch of businesses I patronize (or would), and did I mention the money?

On the other hand, I really like nearly all my current colleagues and most of the people we do business with. And if I take it, I have to promise to stick to it for at least a year. That’s not such a big deal — I’ll have 9 years with these folks come January. That will take me through my 10th anniversary, and there’s some kind of semi-cheesy award for that.

So that’s been taking up a big chunk of my time and thoughts lately.

Wish me luck, folks. This one is a real tough call.

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