Wizbang Tech PS3 Christmas Giveaway Update


As you might have heard, Wizbang Tech is giving away a Sony Playstation 3 to one lucky reader.

We keep adding ways to enter, and picking more finalists, all leading up the December 15th giveaway. We’ve already got three finalists and we’ll be adding 8 more this weekend.

Saturday night we’ll pick finalists from the Technorati favorites listing of each Wizbang site. All you’ve got to do to enter is join Technorati (or login if you’re already a member), then click on the eight links below…

Wizbang Tech
Wizbang Pop!
Wizbang Sports
Wizbang Politics
Wizbang Podcast
Wizbang TV
Wizbang Bomb Squad

Make sure you click the “Add to my Favorites” button at the bottom of the Technorati screen to confirm your favorite addition. If you’ve already added a site to your Technorati favorites list you’re already entered. Adding all eight gives you the best chance of winning.

The best way to keep up with the details on the contest is to check back in at Wizbang Tech daily.

Get to clicking, and good luck!

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