Westboro Haters Forced to Retreat

People are like mirrors. You will get reflected back at you what you present to other. The Westboro haters learned that the hard way when they went to protest at the funeral of a soldier who was killed in Iraq. A big thanks to Jay at Stop the ACLU for posting this one.

From Break.com:

11/30/2006 – Those religious nut bags at the Westboro Baptist Church were not welcome at this funeral for a soldier who died in Iraq. They are pretty much running for their lives and trying to drive away as fast as possible. This crowd would have torn them limb from limb.

Poor babies. I just feel so sorry for them.

Jay makes these comments:

Everything you do comes back to you, whatever it may be. What you do as an angel, or what you do as a devil will come back and pay you for your deeds. This is the karma of preaching hate. I’m kinda glad the ACLU defends these idiots to spout their idiocy.

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