“Juba” Sniper Captured In Iraq?

Rusty Shackleford found the following information buried in a Centcom press release posted by Michelle Malkin:

The Iraqi Ministry of the Interior announced that it has captured the Baghdad sniper known as Ali Nazar al Jubori. The name sounds eerily familiar. al Jubori….could this be the original Juba sniper? That is the claim being made.

Let me remind my readers that the “Juba the Baghdad sniper” does not exist. He’s a myth. A piece of fictional propaganda produced by terrorists. A heroic superman for the al Qaeda supporters of the world.

This is not to say that there never was an al Qaeda linked sniper in Iraq who got the nickname “Juba”, only that the popular videos showing “his” work are really compilations of not only different snipers, but also of different terror organizations. We know this because the “Juba top 10 video” shows previously released material from several different known terror groups and that at least one of the snipers who’s work is shown in the video was later arrested.

But like many heroes, there may actually be a man behind the myth. Al Jubori may actually be the original “Juba”. In fact, a recent video proported to show the real “Juba” and included interviews with the Baghdad sniper. We’ll see.Read both Michelle Malkin and Rusty Shackleford’s posts in their entirety for much more on rumors and reporting in Iraq.

Update: Also check out Flopping Aces’ post on today’s press conference in which the Iraqi Ministry of Interior Spokesman stated that Capt. Jamil Hussein is not a police officer and he named several other less than credible sources that have been used recently.

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