A separate cease

Well, the ceasefire between the Palestinians and Israel appears to be shaky, but holding.

But that is only by a rather odd definition of “cease-fire.”

Since Hamas announced it wanted to stop fighting with Israel, the following acts of peace have occurred:

1) Hamas has sent a 68-year-old woman in as a suicide bomber.

2) Hamas has announced that not only will it not release its kidnapped Israeli soldier, but says it will kidnap more.

3) They have not only continued launching rockets into Israel, but have announced that they have a new, deadlier weapon to use against civilians. (Kindly note that Hamas tries to pull the meaningless distinction between its “political” and “militant” wings, while Fatah takes it a step further by giving them differing names — Fatah is the political arm, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade are the open terrorists.

You know, when I was a kid, I once tried pulling the old “well, he started the fight when he hit me back.” My mother didn’t accept that, but it seems that tactic works quite well when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — “Israel broke the ceasefire when they shot back.”

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