The Supreme Court Tells The New York Times to Pound Sand

Last week I posted that the New York Times ran crying to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for help in order to keep Patrick Fitzgerald from reviewing phone records that could implicate two of their reporters for tipping off Islamic charities under investigation for funding terror of FBI raids.

Today we learn that the Supreme Court said not a chance:

The United States Supreme Court refused today to stop a federal prosecutor from reviewing the telephone records of two reporters for The New York Times. The records, the paper said, include information about many of the reporters’ confidential sources.

In a one-sentence order offering no reasoning and noting no dissenting votes, the Supreme Court rejected a request from The Times to stay a lower court’s decision while the paper tried to persuade the high court to review the case.

Today’s order effectively allows the United States attorney in Chicago, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, to begin reviewing the records, which he has already obtained from phone companies, as early as this week.

The Justice Department told the Supreme Court on Friday that Mr. Fitzgerald is under enormous time pressure. “The statute of limitations,” the government said, “will imminently expire on December 3 and 13, 2006, on certain substantive offenses that the grand jury is investigating.”

The New York Times’ attempt to run out the clock didn’t work. Michelle Malkin put it best this way:

Message to blabbermouths: You are not above the law, no matter how ostentatiously you wrap yourselves in the First Amendment.


The Supreme Court, without noted dissent, refused on Monday to block the forced disclosure to federal investigators of telephone records of two New York Times reporters. Those records are being sought by a federal grand jury in an investigation of a suspected leak about freezing of the assets of two Islamic charities soon after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Stop the ACLU:

One can only hope that this ruling will make the NY Times and other MSM sources think twice before revealing classified information and tipping off terror-funding front groups.

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